Approach and Docking at Zero visibility in Belgium

m/v Zim Antwerp - caught up in Fog

Over the years, the Belgium pilots have been building up a unique level of knowledge and competence among their prime pilots. The trick is combining the input from the reliable ADX XR system along with local knowledge. The pilot can then provide world class services to the ship crew for the most safe and efficient landing.

Below is the story the Belgium pilots received from a very happy captain:

"I, the Master in command of the good ship ZIM ANTWERP, would like to convey my professional impression following berthing the dock of '_PSA HNN Deurganck Terminal Quay 1742'_ at a totally zero visibility and dense fog.

I was highly impressed by the top notch professionalism of the pilots who berthed my ship on 5/NOV 2012 early morning hours in a zero visibility. I was also very impressed by the instruments (ADX XR) they have used for the maneuver.

It was the first time in my marine career (26 years) when I saw a vessel berthed at a dense fog like that. Where usually other ports around the world close down the port until the fog is lifted, in this port they actually berthed the ship, and this is a great achievement in our industry.

Summarizing the above, I congratulate and salute you for a JOB VERY WELL DONE."

Capt. Simon Hadar,