Why choose the XR2 Portable Pilot Unit?

Ultra Precise Lock Approach and Docking
- every time.

Pilotage is experiencing severe growing pains.
Vessels are larger than ever, and still growing - while harbour infrastructure remains unchanged.
The XR2 will help you conquer the emerging challenges.

It's Extremely Small & Light - still Accurate.

Pilots in major ports are putting their trust into top class XR2 system. With this independent PPU system, the pilot can control the biggest vessels with extreme accuracy and reliability.

  • Bow/stern positioning and speeds: 1 cm
  • Totally wireless, operational in seconds
  • Light weight, easy to carry - only 600 grams per sensor

"Fifteen  years of experience with PPU systems from AD Navigation has taught us we can trust the PPU technology more than the onshore Laser Docking System. And with the new XR2 life onboard any vessel has become extremely light and effecient"

- Capt. Thomas van der Hoff, Senior Pilot, Rotterdam

Everything is possible:

It’s all in your Pocket!

Extremely accurate heading is our business - and the technology core of positioning a ship. If the Heading is off by the slightest, your prediction will be unreliable, and essentially useless.Thanks to the wireless architecture of the XR2, heading discrepancies lower than 0.01 deg is achieved.

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''I feel naked going on a mission without the PPU system from AD Navigation''

- Captain Bart Basyn, DABL

Zero downtime:

Ultra Reliable.

The XR2 is tracking multifrequency signals from GPS, GLONASS, Gallileo and BeiDou as standard.

Naturally, the XR2 runs Continous high-precision RTK mode during docking and lock approach.

Our aim is always nothing less than Zero Downtime.


Up and running in seconds. No, really.

The XR2 is ready to go - out of the backpack. It's operational in seconds, every time.

Bring along the lightweight backpack with the 3 ruggedized PODs and a tough notebook, and you're ready to go..

Wireless and will give you "Ease-of-Mind"

Do not handle with care. Use.

Built Tough for a Tough Job


Trusted & tested by the best.

Our clients are exquisitely demanding in the industry. They select our products and services because they are the most accurate and reliable available.
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Real support and safety.

In the unlikely event that you would need help, trust us to put our money where our mouth is. You will not face the dread of an outsourced call-center, but rather talk to one of the experts in our small team of dedicated professionals.

Sound interesting?

Lets discuss our Portable Pilot Unit.

We've been in the business since 2002. We will be happy to discuss the XR2, and how it can improve your challenging day as a pilot.

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