Innovative Experts in Precise GNSS Navigation and Positioning

AD Navigation employs a team of uncompromising professionals, all of whom have a passion for high-tech navigation.

The company was founded in 2002, in Sarpsborg, Norway by Lorentz Ryan. Our innovative products quickly caught on with some major clients, and in 2005 we joined the HITT Group of companies. As of May 2018 AD Navigation is a privately owned company. The AD Navigation AS headquarters is located near the harbour in Tønsberg, Norway, where we have our development lab, as well as a live lab on local ferries for testing purposes.

Through a fruitful cooperation with key customers, we have over the years developed and supplied state-of-the-art products mainly within hydrography and dredging positioning applications as well as for portable navigation systems for pilots.

AD Navigation AS
Semsbyveien 124
N-3170 SEM, Norway
Phone: +47 69253300
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Ad Navigation Timeline: A Quest for Perfection

Our product milestones - as we keep moving forward.

2004: DC200 RTK system

–the first GPS/GLONASS L1/L2 RTK receiver for maritime positioning. Reliable positioning at 1 cm level. The DC200 system has since release been supplied to many Hydrographers and major Dredging companies such as Boskalis, Dredging International and Van Oord.

2005: ADX PPU

– the first portable navigation system designed for Pilots (PPU) based on GPS/GLONASS L1/L2 RTK, giving 1 cm positioning and speed performance. Also equipped with high-end Fiber Optic Gyro, the ADX PPU was the first ever PPU working sufficiently accurate and reliable in accordance to the demanding specifications of the Dutch Pilot Organization. ADX is approved by Dutch authorities and mandatory for pilots when the biggest vessels are approaching Dutch ports.

2006: ADQ1

– by far, the most advanced Wireless Pilot Plug connector at that time. The purpose of the product is to bridge AIS information from the pilot plug of the vessel and to the pilot’s laptop via WLAN.

2008: ADX Trim

- the most accurate system to measure vessel trim in real-time during the voyage. Trim measurements to the level of 2-3 cm is typical, and the data are most valuable to optimization the attitude in terms of fuel consumption

2011: ADX XR

- the first ever 100% wireless and lightweight PPU system. It was developed in close cooperation with Dutch and Belgium Pilots, and operates independent of any ship sensor. Due to the wireless concept along with great features added from previous developments, the ADX XR is by far the most accurate and reliable PPU system in the marketplace, Hundreds of ADX XR system has been supplied to all continents, and many Pilot Organizations are putting a lot of trust into the PPU as an important part of the port’s infrastructure.

2015: ADX DUO

– the first ever 100% wireless “two pod” PPU system. The ADX DUO is designed with accuracy and reliability in mind, but at a lower price point in order to accommodate the requirements for safe and efficient harbor/channel navigation of Panamax (or smaller) vessels.