Give the Pilots ease of mind

In our article on What is a Portable Pilot Unit, we addressed the term “ease of mind”. Pilots need to be on top of their Mental Toughness.

Published 27.03.2017

By Morten Charles Lans,
Sales & Marketing Director

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At AD Navigation we say that the Pilot is given “ease of mind”. We all know that the services given from Pilots are crucial. They are simply too important to ignore as an easy task. It’s challenging. It’s a big responsibility and having a Pilot onboard is expensive and compulsory in many ports.

The pressure the Pilot is under is enormously big. He has the training and he is prepared, but every time he conducts his services he has been given a challenging task. Every person who has responsibility will argue the same – by having some aid and some “ease of mind” the services given will be better – Professionalism is the keyword.

Humans can be professional and with the aid of computer-based navigational aid even more professional.

In Navigator NL 16 of December 2017 the Nederlandse Loodsencorporatie – Loodswezen, addresses just this in their article “Know Thyself” on page 32.

A short excerpt from the article:

“No two days are the same for a pilot. Just like police officers and soldiers, pilots must be able to perform at the highest possible level at exactly the right moment. Pilots, in their role as advisor to the captain of the ship being piloted, must remain calm and take the correct decisions, especially in stressful situations. This places high demands on the pilots, yet also makes their work challenging with variable work schedules”

And further:

“… few people are aware of the long-term consequences of workloads remaining at a persistently high level” …. “On a ship bridge stressful situation can lead to tensions between crew members and this tension can take long time to settle…”

Read the article on Loodswezen webpage.

At AD Navigation we believe in “ease of mind” – we believe in our technology and we strongly believe in the Pilots. The ultimate services given is the combination of local knowledge and input from a reliable PPU.

"I feel naked going on a mission without the ADX PPU"
- Captain Bart Basyn, DABL

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