AIS Pilot Plug Connector with Rate of Turn


ADQ-2 is the ultimate tool for wireless connection to a professional pilot’s ECS using the onboard AIS pilot plug. ADQ-2 also provides independent Rate of Turn. ADQ-2 utilizes industry standard Bluetooth (Class 1) and WLAN 802.11b/g for the connection. This makes the interface to any major piloting software very easy regardless Operating System of the computer.

The advanced ADQ-2 provides AIS pilot plug functionality along with independent and accurate Rate of Turn measurements at an attractive price break. In combination with a suitable ECS package of your choice, the ADQ-2 is the ideal tool for applications like coastal pilotage and basic maneuvering.

ADQ-2 compensates for the potential faulty wiring of the ship pilot plug. Within seconds the ADQ-2 automatically detects the active Tx pin. ADQ-2 even detects serial signals as weak as 0.25V. The internal CPU is extracting real AIS data from noise. The Rx led on ADQ-2 indicates when AIS data is detected.

Another beneficial feature of the ADQ-2 is adding independent Rate of Turn measurements in real time to the ship AIS data. The ship heading is smoothed to decimal degrees. ADQ-2 offers the industry standard WLAN 802.11 b/g/n as well as Bluetooth connection to make it compatible to all major piloting software on iPad, Mac and Windows OS.

ADQ-2 Details:


  • RoT 0.5 deg/min
  • Heading 0.1 deg (ship’s heading filterd)
  • Battery life 56 hours (Bluetooth mode)


  • Connection Bluetooth, WLAN (option)
  • WiFi range 200 m WLAN, 100 m Bluetooth
  • Dimensions 130 x 108 x 32 mm, 420 g
  • AIS cable 100 mm


  • RoT on/off button
  • “Leave behind alarm”
  • Automatic detection of active Tx pin
  • Serial signal sensitivity: 0.25 V
  • Led indications: Battery status, AIS data, Wifi connection, RoT data


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