ADX Hardware, Qastor Pilot Software

Scalable Pilotage

This is what eNavigation is all about. The combination of the ADX hardware with Qastor pilot software provides a solution for pilot organizations for almost any situation:

Situational awareness

For most piloting operations it is sufficient to work with the information that is available on board ship through the AIS pilot plug. The ADQ-1 connects to any pilot plug and wirelessly transmits this data to the Qastor laptop, which will show the vessel on the chart surrounded by AIS targets.

Independent navigation

Maneuvering in confined waters requires reliable and accurate positioning. The ADX River Pilot PPU (ADX RP) is a very accurate navigation system that is up and running in less than a minute after boarding the ship. Being completely autonomous, the ADX RP PPU provides the same reliable positions, speeds and headings on each voyage. AIS targets derived from the build-in AIS receiver

Extremely precise navigation

In delicate docking operations, or when entering a lock with centimeters to spare, there is no margin for error. This is exactly what the ADX XR was built for, extreme reliability. Using UHF or a dual UMTS modem to receive RTK corrections, the ADX XR provides centimeter perfect positioning combined with highly accurate approach speeds. The integration of this information in Qastor gives the pilot an intuitive tool to complete overview for safe docking and lock approach. Most pilots prefer the ADX XR over laser docking systems.

Connect to more

The Qastor Connect Server provides a single access from Qastor to:

  • the VTS validated traffic image to get a complete overview of the surrounding traffic
  • real-time tide, applied to S-57 charts, for grounding prediction.
  • up-to-date charts, port management systems.

eNavigation has never been easier.

Enterprise solution

The Dutch and Belgian Pilot associations opted for Portable Pilot Units from AD Navigation and Qastor from QPS as an enterprise solution. Most pilots plug into the AIS pilot plug to tap into the ship’s information, but when the situation calls for more accuracy, an ADX PPU is used to ensure safe and accurate navigation.

All pilots use the same software, which makes the transition between the different tasks minimal, minimizing risk and training. Qastor Connect is used to access and share various sorts of data, such as the VTS traffic image, vessel information, environmental data, such as tide, and S-57 charts.

Why choose the ADX Portable Pilot Unit?

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